1. Kylie and Paw Paw
    Kylie and Paw Paw
    Kylie came to see the planting of the strawberries in the rain
  2. Little Kylie checking out our progress as we get ready to lay the plastic
  3. Kylie watching us work
  4. This is the start of planting on 10-10-2015 in the rain. Picture shows how the plants are planted one by one
  5. The arrival of our plants on 10-09-2015 ( Caamarosa plugs 480 trays of 50 plants each that's 24,000 plants
  6. The day we layed the plastic in mid August 2015
  7. me holding the first 50 plants to be planted in Kylies strawberry patch
  8. more tractor work
  9. paw paw and kylie walking checking the field out
  10. Since we were in a drought this summer ..We had to water the soil prior to putting the plastic down
  11. placing our trays of plants on the ground
  12. this big 18 wheeler from cottle farm nursery delivering our 24,000 strawberry plants
  13. Kylies strawberry patch 4 days after planting
  14. one section of our field the length of these rows are 170 feet long
  15. another section of our strawberry field ..these rows are 180 feet long
  16. Deania and kylie and my friend James came to check out the progress as you can see Kylie dropped some plants trying to help
  17. We have 6 different sections in our field ... plants after being watered
  18. kylie strolling along
  19. Deania - James and Kylie
  20. kylie checking out the field
  21. All 480 trays of plants
  22. planting the plants one by one
  23. strawberry plants taking root
  24. paw paw and kylie
  25. planting in the rain on 10-10-2015
  26. picture of the strawberry plant in a plug form ..ready for planting